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TRCC Campers and Parents:

November 22, 2021

Tidal River Christian Camp has seen a steady decline in camper enrollment over the past 7 years. There are probably many reasons why this is happening, but camp has been one of the most treasured times in the lives of many that have attended camp and many who have served at camp.

Please allow me to shed some perspective on our determination to keep camp going; many members of the board of directors have served for 20 plus years. That’s right, many of us on the board were serving and putting our time into making camp the most amazing 4 weeks of the year before the iPhone was invented or when everyone was worried about Y2K. On more of a personal perspective, I have served at camp for more than half of my life. I would not be who I am today without that camping experience or without the years serving at camp. This is something that I think many of you have missed out on.

Remember a few years ago it was broadcast that there might not be any more Twinkies because Hostess was going out of business. Did you run out and get some in case it was the last time you could get one? Don't judge me, but I did. Someone then decided it was worth their money to invest in getting Twinkies back onto the market and they did it. Now I can't remember the last time I bought them, but the thought of them never being there when I was really wanting one drove me to go out and get some.

We are now facing a similar issue with Tidal River. We have sent out numerous emails to our list and have yet to have anyone (other than current board members) come to the meetings. We are pleading for help in this ministry that has served many of our children and grandchildren in the northeast for 45+ years. I know there are people who physically can't come to board meetings or, for whatever reason, can't help in getting volunteers, but to everyone else... camp needs you.

Tidal River Christian Camp is now at a cross-roads. Do we continue to keep camp going or do we shut it down? Is there enough support to grow camp? Is there enough willingness to prioritize our lives to serve in this ministry or have we had our fill? Is there a group of people who have a burning desire to serve in this ministry? I so desperately believe that our children need a place to go and gather together with other children their age. I believe that our children need a place where they can explore Christianity together, a place where they can overcome hurdles and bond in a way that will make friends and memories which last a lifetime.

The TRCC Board of Directors has had 2 open board member spots for quite some time with little to no interest from others in filling them. Camp is in dire need of nurses. We need to start building a group of young leaders to start serving. We have a huge need in counseling. Where can you serve?

We need others to come along side, share their ideas and new energy and zeal for camp, perhaps in hopes to replace some of us board members, but at the very least to work side by side for now. Recognizing the need for a light of hope during a dark and daunting time in our nation’s history, we see a need for a place of refuge for our young Christians to be encouraged and strengthened in their faith. To be part of the group of soldiers who make that possible is an honor and privilege.

The TRCC Board of Directors have developed a little survey to figure out where people stand on Tidal River Christian Camp and on what the future holds. This survey will take you less than a minute to fill out. Honestly, I really hope that there is an out pouring of support and determination to keep camp going, but it is up to you to make that happen. You are not in it alone but you cannot presume someone else will do the work. I believe that camp has been instrumental in growing our youth so please take the survey and let us know where you stand.

Jeremy Sanzone

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